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Start location

the India Gate outside Pavilion Gardens

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11 minutes walk from Brighton station

End location

Prince Albert Street

(3 minutes walk from the start)

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Start time and sunset

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Breaks and toilets

There's a suggested break at the half-way point, near the promenade.

There are public toilets at the start point and at the promenade, after clue 7.

“You can stop at any point & have a walk around where you are and the just return to the tour & pick up where you left off. We did the tour in 40mph winds & rain & still enjoyed up...I bet it’s even better on a sunny day”

—Richard D, Tripadvisor

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Text us: 07380 309380

The Palace and the Promenade starts from:
India Gate, Pavilion Buildings, Brighton, BN1 1EE