Looking for a fun way to see Brighton?

You want to try something different and make the most of the Christmas break. You want to have fun exploring the city without wandering aimlessly.

Introducing Treasure Hunt Brighton

A fun and different way to see Brighton

Solve satisfying clues and follow beautiful maps sent to your phones.

Spot things other people take for granted!

You’ll learn interesting facts and stories.

Everything is outdoors and you can do social distancing.

Treasure Hunt Brighton will take you on a beautiful route, and send you to fab places, all at your own pace.

A group of friends exploring tourist attractions by playing Treasure Hunt Liverpool

A much more active experience...”

...than a regular tour as you had to read the stories and solve the clues; much more engaging than just listening to a tour guide drone on.

Highly recommend it to absolutely anyone, though put on your walking shoes as it will give you a good workout.

Dave, Liverpool

We had such a laugh”

The clues and the maps are a lot of fun. We learnt new things and appreciated the beautiful scenery of Liverpool as we went around the city.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it was such an amazing experience. We had a lot of smiles and laughter and haven't stopped talking about it since.

Yvette, Liverpool
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1. Follow maps 🧭

Bess sends you a series of treasure maps, leading you around the city.

The clues and maps are a lot of fun.
This is a great way to see the city!”

Captain Bess Now for a change of scene, let's head down by the river...

2. Search for answers 🔎

Bess sends you a series of clues and you have to search the city for answers.

Good banter from Captain Bess who sends you the clues!”

Captain Bess A family firm,
who slowly became
Forgotten and faded,
what was their name?

Black Beard Beth Jones?

Captain Bess Nay, yer askin' to be walkin' the plank!

Long Joe Silver Wills?

Captain Bess Aye! That's it!

3. Learn some facts 🎓

Along the way, Bess will tell you a few interesting facts and stories about the things you're spotting!”

We learnt new things and actually appreciated the beautiful scenery as we went around the city.

Captain Bess It's a fire insurance mark, to show the firemen ye've paid yer dues! If not, they'd stand by 'n' watch yer house burn, imagine that!

4. Play together 👨‍👩‍👦

Captain Bess will invite you all to join the hunt!

We had such a laugh and a great day out!

Captain Bess Ahoy there! Ye must be the one they're talking about. Lookin' to join me ship, the Rising Pearl?

Buccaneer Beth Yes!

Captain Bess Ye'll be needin' help, have ye a crew?

Lianne Pinkbeard joined the game.

Parrot Pete 🦜 joined the game.

Parrot Pete Arrrrrrr!

Lianne Pinkbeard I'm ready to set sail! ⚓️

You'll see the very best of Brighton 🧭

The Royal Pavilion - an exotic palace built as a seaside retreat for King George IV

The ornate domes of Brighton's Royal Pavilion

Brighton Dome - an arts venue that contains the Concert Hall, the Corn Exchange and the Studio Theatre

North Laine - a shopping district with a happening, bohemian vibe with vegetarian cafes and vintage clothing shops

The commemorative Jubilee Clock Tower strung with lights

Jubilee Clock Tower - built in 1888 to commemorate Queen Victoria's golden jubilee

The fairground rides on Brighton Pier

Brighton Palace Pier - Brighton's famous landmark is home to fairground rides, bars, restaurants and deckchairs to enjoy the sea view

The Promenade - this bustling promenade is a perfect place to take a stroll and soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere

Brighton's West Pier at sunset

West Pier - the desolate beauty of this ruined pier makes it Brighton's most photographed building!

Theatre Royal - this Grade II listed building is one of the oldest theatres in the country

A jewellers in the lanes

The Lanes - a warren of narrow, twisting alleyways packed full of independent jewellers shops

Have fun and stay safe with Treasure Hunt Brighton

Treasure Hunt Brighton is a fun outdoor activity that's ideal for social distancing.

From Wednesday 2 December, Brighton's local restrictions are Tier 3: Very High alert.

Since everything is outdoors you're still allowed to play as long as you follow the guidance:

  • You shouldn't make a special trip to Brighton.
  • You can play with up to 6 people.
    • They can be from different households.
    • You must follow social distancing guidelines with people from other households.
  • Stay in public spaces with anyone outside your household.
    • Different households are not allowed to mix other than in outdoor public spaces.
    • The route is entirely outdoors in public spaces.
    • If you go to a cafe or restaurant, you must sit separately from other households even outdoors.
  • Keep your distance from people outside your household.
    • Your team can all play from their own phones.
    • The route is designed so you can avoid other people.
    • Bring a face covering in case parts of the city are busy.
  • Avoid touching things in the city.
    The game does not require you to touch anything except your own phone.

Updated 27th November 2020 based on guidance from GOV.UK

You can rearrange or cancel if things change

We’re fully flexible. If you change your mind or if the government guidelines change, you can either choose a new date or we’ll give you a refund.

Ready for a different way to discover Brighton?

  • Just £[price] per person, 15 and under go FREE.
  • [duration] of quality sightseeing fun.
  • Enjoy a beautiful route, start when you want.
  • See the best of Brighton with no cars around!

What if the weather’s bad?

If it's patchy rain, you can spend more time in the pub breaks or stop elsewhere on the route: the game’s flexible.

If it's really bad on one day, you can either switch which day you play, or even start one day and finish the next.

If it's a total wash-out and you can't get round, we’ll give your money back, even if you've started the game.

Will it be too difficult?

Don’t worry, if you get stuck you can ask for a hint and Bess will get you on your way!

We make sure no-one ever gets completely stuck.

Is it too physical?

It’s X walking but you can take as many breaks as you like.

Fun or your money back!

We’re so confident you’ll have fun, we promise to give your money back if you don’t!

All we ask is for a quick phone call to understand why.

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Ready for a different way to discover Brighton?

“Would thoroughly recommend to people looking for a fun and interesting way to explore!”

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